Thursday, June 7, 2012

Serai Restaurant, Gungahlin ACT

Serai Restaurant 

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5
Cost: $$

Serai is a small restaurant hidden away underneath the apartments alongside Yerrabi Pond. I noticed this place a few weeks ago and really wanted to try some decent Malaysian in Canberra. Coming here to do so was the absolute right choice!

This is the first establishment I have dined at where the staff actually asked me why I was taking photos of the food. I explained my food / blog obsession to the friendly waiteress and she seemed very open to conversation. The Persian waiteress (and owner?) also told us that one of their two chefs was Malaysian and the other was Persian. The beauty of Serai is that they offer both these cuisines on the menu. We were chuffed when a few minutes later she brought out some complimentary Persian yoghurt sauces and crackers for us to try!

Complimentary Persian yoghurt sauces.....

....served with crackers.

This one contained fresh smokey eggplant. Authentic Persian dip.

The meals we ordered were fresh, non-oily and extremely tasty. The Char Kway Teow was the best I've had to date. Not only were we impressed by the quality of food, but the entire meal and drinks came to a total of $42 for two! Had the nice waiteress given us a discount? We weren't sure. What I am sure of is that we both agreed that we will be back here again, for both the excellent food and the lovely service.

Roti Canai served with Dahl Curry

Coconut Rice

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Char Kway Teow (with Prawns)

Best Char Kway Teow I've ever had!

The addition of the sliced fish cake was delish!

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