Monday, September 12, 2011

Turkish Halal Pide House, Yarralumla ACT

Turkish Halal Pide House, Yarralumla Shops

You won't believe the quality of food that comes out of this small, plain-looking shop front! One can't get more authentic Turkish cuisine than this in Canberra. It's genuine, traditional food served at it's freshest.

A friend bought me here, raving about the food. I thought I'd had Turkish before, until I tried this!  And for a very reasonable price, I don't see why I would want to go anywhere else for a mixed kebab again.

Don't let the tacky packaging fool you.

Sorry about the quality of photo, but it was a beautiful sunny day.

Mixed Kebab: Lamb, beef and chicken with standard salads, garlic sauce and chilli - the perfect balance! This is the first time I had ever had REAL Turkish wrap bread.

Baklava and Carrot Snow Ball. Unbelievably yummy!! The Carrot Snow Ball tastes like a marshmallow ball. Kids would love this stuff! I wish I had the recipe as I would imagine they would be easy to make at home.
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