Monday, July 9, 2012

Wasabi, Manuka (Pictorial) *Instagram Exclusive*

Wasabi, Manuka

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Cost: $$

The Hotate Gai was possibly one of the best dishes I've tried this year.


Wasabi's Sampler - a selection of popular Japanese starter dishes

Sushi and Sashimi Platter - combination of the freshest Sashimi, Nigiri Sushi and Maki Sushi served with wasabi, chef's special soy sauce and vinegared ginger

Wasabi's Hotate Gai - seared scallops wrapped in thinly sliced salmon served on a bed of Chuka Wakame salad dressed with Sansho vinegarette

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  1. This restaurant was appalling, particularly service-wise. The food quality in itself was quite average compared to other Japanese restaurants in Canberra, however the quality of service was non-existent.

    My friends and I booked in for dinner for 6 people at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, as it so happens, 3 of us were a bit late and arrived at 7:45pm (which is not unusual in the restaurant scene), and the last person arrived at 8:15pm.
    By the time we greeted each other, the first 5 of us we were ready to order at 8:05, which we did. Our last friend ordered closer to 8:30pm.

    Every dish arrived at a different time, forcing some of us to start eating while others were still waiting for the food. The dish which was ordered close to 8:30pm and one of the earlier ones had still not arrived at 9:15pm. 3 of us asked 3 different staff members where these two dishes were at, and we were assured each time they were on their way.

    A man who seemed of Indian origin was in charge, and identified himself as the owner of all Wasabi restaurants (when eventually asked for the manager's number). He said "it was a favour that we brought out the food when we did, seen how late you were." His entire demeanour was dismissive (including his hand gestures and superior smile), and as I tried to explain how long we had waited for the food, he said it's our fault and problem, and we'd had 2 big groups come in since and they had to attend to them instead.
    I told him all I was asking was for an HONEST estimated time of when the food would come out, and asked if he understood what I meant. He said "I'll just agree to whatever you want me to agree," once again making dismissive hand gestures.

    The salad (which you would think is a simple dish??!!!) which was ordered by our last friend at 8:25 or so finally came out at 9:30 and the last dish was still nowhere to be seen (this was a scallop dish - i.e. 1min to cook). Instead, a heavily peppered beef dish arrived, which he said is "faster and easier to get out." At 9:40, finally, they asked if we still wanted the dish as we were getting ready to leave; of course, we declined.

    I stated I refuse to pay for the dish we never had and the one that was late at the very least. He threw the rest of the cash back towards us, and yelled "I want nothing to do with you, I don't need your money."