Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fig and Olive Turkish Cuisine, Chisolm ACT

Fig and Olive Turkish Cuisine

Having attended my cousin's Hen's Night last night, I had the opportunity to try some delicious take-away turkish pizzas from Fig and Olive, at Chisolm Shops. The pides (pizzas) were some of the best I've tried, and the dips were absolutely addictive!

I'm sooo jealous there isn't one of these stores on the Northside.....

Turkish bread for dipping.

Dips (clockwise from left):
Humus - chickpeas, tahini, lemon & olive oil seasoned with fresh garden herbs  
Pancar - Beetroot mixed with garlic, homemade yogurt & fresh garden herbs
Cacik - Cucumber, garlic, mint, homemade yogurt & mix with fresh garden herbs
Havuk - Carrot mixed with garlic, mint, homemade yogurt & fresh garden herbs
Baba Ghanoush - Eggplant mixed with garlic, homemade yogurt & fresh garden herbs
$5.50 each - regular size

The humus was so smooth.

For the first time, there wasn't one dip I didn't like!

Kabakli - baby roasted pumpkin mixed with garlic, fetta cheese & herbs (my favourite!)

Karidesli - prawns, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, parsley & cheese

Istanbul - lamb, onions, parsley & cheese baked until golden brown

....the zucchini balls didn't last long....
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