Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chapels on Whatley, Perth WA (Mayland)

Chapels on Whatley


Food: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 4.5/5
Service: 1.5/5

Chapels on Whatley is a really unique cafe, situated directly across the road from the Mayland train station. We entered with the soul intent of having a sit-down coffee and breakfast only to find that this place is also a shopfront, specialising in the sale of antique furniture, art, artifacts, and homewares from Tibet, Mongolia, Japan, China and Vietnam.  I immediately felt calm upon making my way into the store and to the counter where we waited to be seated. As we passed the teas, tea sets and retail area I couldn't help but concoct a wishlist in my head of all the items I would purchase if I had my way with the credit card.

Front retail area.

Cute tea sets.

I really enjoyed the ambience of Chapels on Whatley. Personally, the complete oriental influence was a big winner with me. Unfortunately, the service was second rate. The waiters were quiet and polite, yet slightly daft. One customer was asked to move from his table to another just so we could be seated - he had not even finished his coffee!! I thought this was extremely rude and unprofessional. I almost asked the man to stay put, as I was happy to wait for a clean table. It's not like there wasn't anything to keep me entertained in the cafe (....think water features, exotic plants, retail therapy).

The menu was quite varied with many options, and the coffee was nice. The food wasn't anything exceptional, however I would certainly dine here again with my fingers crossed in the hope of better service. (I like to eat my food with cutlery as soon as it arrives, and not have to ask the waiter to retrieve some cutlery after the fact). It was just unlucky that my 'Chapels on Whatley experience' lost to a much better competitior on that particular weekend.

Entry to the outside dining area.

Green eggs with smoked salmon, side serving of mushrooms.

Poached eggs with bacon and tomato.

Eggs benedict with salmon and steamed asparagus. It needed more Hollandaise sauce.

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