Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sapore Della Vigna, Leichardt NSW

Sapore Della Vigna

Food: 2.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Cost: $$$

Sapore is situated within a small square within Leichardt, which reminded me of a mini modern day Rome. It was cute and I was immediately drawn to the al fresco dining on this particular mild Autumn evening in Sydney. The square itself was quiet, as too was the restaurant, even though it was the night before a public holiday.

The service was good - prompt, polite and professional. We didn't have to ask for water to be brought to our table, which in itself is a sign of service with iniative. I was just wishing that the music within the restaurant could have been turned down slightly as it was a challenging to hold a decent conversation without almost shouting. (A pre-recorded rendition of 'Happy Birthday' for an outside dining party was not quite what I was expecting to be enjoying my $8.50 glass of red wine with).

As quick as their sparkler cake was carved, my decent sized Taglietelle Nero Con Gamberi E Calamari arrived at the table. My palette was extremely excited as this was the first time I had tried squid ink pasta, let alone stuffed calamari. To my disappointment, for $32 I received a room temperature meal, consisting of stiff pasta and tough calamari. The dish needed more seasoning and garlic, and the lemon flavour also tasted fake. My meal had either been sitting for a while before the waiter collected it from the kitchen, or it had been a failed reheat. It has really put me off trying stuffed calamari ever again. On the other hand, the Risotto Funghi was perfectly cooked, piping hot and delicious. One of the nicest risottos I've tasted.

Sapore did not even come close to meeting my expectations. High prices don't guarantee good quality food, and I certainly won't be returning here again.

Garlic Bread  $5.50

Taglietelle Nero Con Gamberi E Calamari -  fresh baby calamari stuffed (prawns, onion, basil, cheese, parlsey, breadcrumb) baked with fresh tomato, served on a bed of fresh squid ink pasta.

Risotto Funghi -  Arborio rice with fresh mushrooms, pesto and cream  

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