Monday, May 28, 2012

Gungahlin Thai Kitchen, ACT

Gungahlin Thai Kitchen

Food: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Cost: $$

As far as dining goes, Monday nights in Gungahlin are quiet. The restaurant we had intended to try that night was closed, so we ventured into Gungahlin Thai Kitchen. The place seemed relatively new and the restaurant was simple, well set out and clean. I noticed a lot of people walking past and stopping to read the menu which was displayed at the front window. We were the only diners in the restaurant for that particular period of the evening, however the kitchen seemed quite busy with takeaway orders for a majority of that time. (Mind you, we sat down at our table for an early 6pm meal!)

The food in general was good - standard Thai at the best. The Laksa was a dish that I would come back for and the Coconut Prawn Cutlets were delicious! The bill for two people came to $73 in total. The meal sizes were decent, yet I thought $73 was a bit steep in comparison to other Asian restaurants of the same quality.

I like Asian restaurants which place pictures of their food on their menus.

The service was good, with our meals coming out at convenient intervals. We were able to finish our entrees without feeling too rushed. I tend to find that some Asian restaurants tend to bring their main meals out before the entrees are even halfway through being finished. The waitress was helpful in making menu suggestions (she suggested that the Laksa was the nicest noodle dish, and we were glad she gave us this tip) however at times I felt that the takeaway customers were being attended to when dishes should have been cleared from our table more efficiently.

Gungahlin Thai Kitchen isn't the best Thai dining experience in Gungahlin, but I would still recommend it for a quick Laksa lunch deal.

Spicy fish cakes (4) $8.00
These were delectable and tasted authentic and homemade.

Coconut prawn cutlets (4) $10.00
The coconut batter was refreshing and non-greasy.

Coconut juice! $3.50

Thai Iced Tea with Milk ($3.50)
I highly recommend this if you're a coffee lover. This was quite strong, yet very well balanced with the milk and sugar.

The real flowers were a cute decoration and very appealing to the eye.

Chicken Laksa $13

'Musmun' Curry Beef ($18)
Strange to be selling this in a Thai restaurant?

Black sticky rice served with vanilla ice cream ($7)
Doey's new fav! The white sauce was really salty but contrasted successfully with the sweetness of the sticky rice.

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