Sunday, May 13, 2012

My's Vietnamese Restaurant, Weston Creek ACT

My's Vietnamese Restaurant

Food: 2.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Cost: $$

My's Vietnamese Restaurant in Weston Creek is quite a nice looking restaurant. The front entrance area is cramped and not so appealing, with drinks stacked up near the toilet door and the baby's high chair leaning against the wall in full view. Having said this, the reason we chose to walk in for a sit down meal was the fact that the place was packed with customers. As soon as a table became free, it was taken with people waiting near the bar.

The decor is much nicer than most of your plain Vietnamese 'hole-in-the-wall' types that you see every now and again. The table settings were simple yet nice, with larger tables decorated with asian-style tablecloths. We were seated at a small table for two, which was not ideal as it was located right next to the busy waiting area/counter/bar. I suggest booking a table before arriving to avoid being seated in that area.

My's is fully licensed, so we started with a Vietnamese beer and a piccolo of champagne. The waitress suggested a Vietnamese beer and it was great to taste for the first time, as my partner and I are planning to visit the country in a few months, however I didn't really like the taste. No sooner had we taken a few sips from our beverages, then the entrees arrived very promptly!

The Fish Balls were average and may have been more suited to being served in a soup or Laksa instead of an entree on it's own. The main meal serving sizes were decent and the Laksa was huge! I felt that the Laksa needed more seasoning and was lacking a certain sweetness or fresh herbs, however it contained a good amount of chicken.

The entrance was small and not so appealing.

We were literally seated this far from the bar and counter, so it was slightly crammed and not so intimate.

Vietnamese beer

Coonawarra sparkling

Deep fried fish balls (4 pieces)

Vegetarian spring rolls. I couldn't tell whether they were homemade or processed.

Curry beef with coconut cream. This was delicious!

Chicken laksa

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