Saturday, May 19, 2012

Timmy's Kitchen, Manuka ACT

Timmy's Kitchen

Food: 2.5/5
Atmosphere: 2/5
Service: 1/5
Cost: $$

I find it strange that a restaurant such as Timmy's Kitchen is located in one of the most popular eating strips in Manuka. It's certainly not anything spectacular and the service was a reflection of that. I was really hoping that Timmy's would at least meet a standard that was better than it's appearance. Wishful thinking. The food was okay, and so too was the price, coming to a total of $50.50 for two.

I couldn't help but think that our 8.30pm dinner seating was putting them out, as we were asked if we were ready to order three times!! I don't appreciate feeling rushed to order, particularly when it's a menu that I'm not familiar with. During our meal the staff insisted on moving and cleaning the tables directly next to us which was extremely distracting. They asked us for the soy sauce bottle that was a part of our table condiments, just so they could top it back up. it was almost full. We watched them do this, and then proceed to pack all the bottles of soy sauce away in the kitchen. Too bad if we wanted soy sauce with our meals that night.

As the mains arrived we realised that we were the only diners in the establishment. One would think this could be a pleasant experience. Not at Timmy's. The staff were overly loud as they cooked, cleaned and carried on with their own conversations in the kitchen AND dining area.

I won't be back again. The entrees we ordered weren't great, and the Satay Lamb and Vegetable Fried Rice were standard, however the Duck Laksa Lemak was quite good. Unfortunately, the Laksa alone will not be bringing me back to dine here again. Ever.

Street view.

Specials board.

Vegetarian spring rolls.

Shallot cake. Didn't meet my expectations at all. Fail.

Vegetable fried rice. Not too bad.

Satay lamb.

Duck Laksa Lemak.

Duck - I really appreciated it being served seperately.

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